Martin-MAC-550The Martin MAC 550 is one of the workhorses of the IPS stock. Featuring two colour wheels, two gobo wheels, an annimation wheel, prism, zoom and iris, the MAC 550 offers a lot of options. The 400w discharge source was initially designed with superior optics to provide a brighter output than its 575w predecessor the classic MAC 500, but with a lower power consumption.

Lamp Source - 400w Discharge Lamp

Colour Temp - 7500K

Beam Angle - 14deg to 30deg

Fixture Weight - 31kg

Power Consumption - 2.8A

Power Connector - Captive lead with 16a

Data Connector - 3pin & 5pin XLR

IPS Default Mode - Extended Mode

DMX Channels - 27ch

IPS Packaging - Flightcased in Pairs

For further details, see the manufacturers specifications

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