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PLASA Focus Leeds 2024

Come and see us (and much more) on the 14th and 15th May. 

Massive Outdoor LED Screen

Our biggest LED Screen to date for the Dune: Part Two Film Premiere.

Event Power Generation & Distribution

Updated generator range with brand new 100kVA Stage V hire options

Production Services

Arena MK 4We are proud to be Venue Services Provider for the Marshall Arena. This means that any power supplies and rigging attachments have to be provided by IPS.  We have a detailed working knowledge of the venue, and have supplied many events with a large range of solutions, including Staging, Rigging, Lighting, Video, Sound & Power equipment. Equipment can also be supplied on a Dry Hire basis, and equipment booked and confirmed in advance of your event will be delivered to the Marshall Arena free of charge. Some popular options we offer include:

  • Arena MK 5 Drape lines to divide the space either rigged full height on trusses or smaller ground supported options
  • Black Wool Serge or RGB LED Starcloth Wall coverings
  • Door Portals with Drapes
  • Truss layouts to client design – including circles, s curves, and other creative shapes
  • Banner hanging (internal & external)
  • d&b V-Series PA system for music
  • Additional lighting for exhibitions to show lighting for conferences and music events
  • Arena MK 3LED Screens, Projection and LCD/LED Screen options
  • Power from 6A 1p to a 1000A 3p Supply

Marshall Arena is a versatile events venue that is adjoined to the Stadium MK. Excellent transport links and plenty of parking make this an easy venue for delegates to visit, and the smart looking modern building is sure to impress. There are also plenty of venue features that also make this a popular choice with production too, including:

  • Main Arena space of 54m x 45m with a 10m Grid Height with lots of rigging options
  • Two Balcony areas, plus entrance and bar area – lots of layout options
  • Arena MK 2Service Yard and flat floor entrance to Arena floor space
  • Polished concrete floor that looks smart covered or uncovered
  • Acoustic Panelling to upper wall sections in Arena for neat finish, and improved venue acoustics
  • Easy access to display vehicles – even Articulated Lorries within the space
  • Substantial power supply with lots of distribution options
  • Scissor Lift, Cherry Picker and Forklift Truck available onsite
  • External branding options, including banners over entrance doors, and lamp post banners within car park areas
  • Arena MK 1Wi-Fi and Wired internet options
  • Over 300 hotel rooms at adjacent Hotel MK, plus plenty of in house and nearby eating options

If you are interested in booking space, or would like to arrange a site visit, please contact the Marshall Arena team here. If you'd like more information about getting to the venue, check out the Marshall Arena organisers website here. If you'd like to talk about the technical elements of your production, please get in touch with IPS here – we look forward to hearing from you.

X6IP on Batman v Superman PremiereIPS stock a range of video equipment, including Chauvet LED screens, which offer bright clear images and can be used where a projection option may not be effective, such as in a venue with a high ambient light level, or where presenters or performers need to be close to a screen and there are limited rigging options or no space for rear projection.

High Resolution Indoor & Outdoor LED Screen

LED screen can bring a different look to an event that has previous not used video content – and can be used to make all kinds of screen sizes and configurations as well as conventional 4:3 and 16:9 options.  All IPS LED Screens are suitable for use indoors, and can be dimmed if required to suit the ambient light levels - for example for a theatrical application. Outdoor IP rated screen options are available, with an even higher brightness output. Screens can be suspended from stage structures or existing rigging locations, or IPS has a truss based ground support system that can be used to build a screen almost anywhere. Screens can be supplied in conventional sizes for films or video playback, or if you have custom content, we can work with you to build almost any shapes or size configuration. At the time this page is being updated, we currently have a single LED Screen option, being the 4.8mm pitch Chauvet F4IP Screen. Offering a comparatively high resolution for an outdoor product, the 4.8mm pitch high brightness panels offer a popular choice for all kinds of outdoor projects, from Film Premieres to Art Installations. 


Power is an essential requirement for any technical production, and the team at IPS are ready to supply your event needs. Large stocks of cabling and power distribution mean that we can deliver the supplies that your event requires, anywhere on your event site.  We have a small fleet of our own generators, and can also supply multiple and synced sets depending on your event requirements. IPS also have qualified electricians on the team who are able to advise on the best power distribution configurations and sign off completed installations. IPS can also supply earth stakes and bonding kits to ensure that the whole temporary electrical power installation is compliant, and meets the requirements of the BS 7909:2011 Code of practice for temporary electrical systems for entertainment and related purposes

Generators & Fuel Management
IPS stock a range of different generators, including some of the latest Stage V low emission units. The models stocked have been selected for their quiet running and fuel efficiency, and both offer various different outlet options – see our Dry Hire section for further details. All IPS generators are HVO Fuel powered, and can be supplied with fuel, ready to go for your event.


There are many different generator configurations. For larger events, or for situations where a backup generator is required, we would suggest a synced pair of generators that load share, and either generator can instantaneously take over in the event that a generator develops a fault. During non-show times, one set can run alone to save fuel. We can also advise on combining existing mains supplies or battery based power options too.
IPS can also supply fuel management services to ensure that your event runs smoothly, and keeps on running. Effective power planning can also maximise the efficiency of the power generation equipment specified for your event, and also minimise the fuel requirements.

Power-DistroPower Distribution
IPS has a wealth of experience in power distribution for a range of scenarios, from muddy outdoor event sites to a neat exhibition in a conference centre.  We have a range of equipment to suit your power distribution requirements, and thousands of metres of cabling to connect everything together. If you have 100 exhibitors each needing a 13a socket, we can help, and are equally at home providing a three phase 400a Powerlock distribution system to multiple distribution boards. Our range of distribution equipment will enable the right power supply to be made to the correct location, and with the appropriate circuit protection for the application.

Site Lighting
IPS can also supply a wide range of site lighting, from festoon lighting to mark walkways and campsite perimeters, to flood lighting to light carparks, meeting points, entrances and much more. Energy efficient discharge floodlights are used, and we stock a range of hardware to enable fixtures to be fitted into a wide range of scenarios.

Whatever your event power requirements, why not give us a call to discuss your requirements.

Skyfall-Rigging-TowersIPS offers a range of rigging solutions. With a broad range of experience working with ground supported and flown projects, we can hang, support and suspend almost anything! IPS stocks a wide range of rigging options, from a simple lighting stand to a complex self-climbing truss structure. Items from our extensive inventory can be supplied either on a dry hire basis, or can be supplied as a fully installed system, with structural calculations and loadings where required, and full Health & Safety documentation. Rigging can be completed by our trained technicians, who have a range of experience, and are also qualified to use various different types of access equipment.

Truss-Banner-FrameSome examples of recent Rigging projects & equipment:

  • Flown Lighting, Sound, LED Screen and Projection Truss
  • Flown Truss Circles
  • Ground Supported ‘Circular Truss on Legs’
  • Ground Supported Box Truss Systems
  • Large Self-Climbing Ground Supported Truss Systems
  • Truss Goalposts for Entrance Branding (Both internal & external projects)
  • Hanging mechanical parts for a vehicle launch eventSuspended Car Parts
  • Ground supported LED screen support structures for Film Premieres (Including Lighting Towers & LED Supports for Skyfall)
  • 7.5m & 16m Rigging Free Standing Rigging Towers - Ideal for PA Systems
  • Lighting Stands & Goalposts in a range of sizes and duty ratings
  • 500kg & 1000kg Direct Control Motors

There is also an amount of interchangeable equipment within our other product ranges- for example our LiteDeck Staging system can be incorporated into rigging structures, and the Layher Event System and Allround scaffolding system is ideal for constructing complex support structures.  MPT-Towers-on-LayherIPS can supply staging and bridging solutions too, and by offering a range of services economies of scale can be offered.

IPS are a Prolyte Rental partner, and stock extensive amounts of Prolyte Motors, Trussing and rigging accessories. IPS has in house CAD design capabilities, and can work with you and our preferred structural engineers to make almost any project possible. IPS also carries £10million Public & Employers Liability insurance to back up any project- please get in touch to discuss your rigging requirements.