Chauvet f4ip heroNew 4.8mm Pitch modular LED Screen suitable for Indoor & Outdoor Use

Recently added to the IPS LED Screen range is the excellent F4IP from Chauvet. This high brightness screen can be used inside or outside, and the sub 5mm pixel pitch means that it can be used for lots of applications. The F4IP features Novastar processing with the latest A8s cards meaning that the screen can be configured in all sorts of different shapes and sizes. IPS have also taken delivery of the latest Novastar 4K Screen processors to make sure that all pixels can be pushed as required, leading to a clearer, brighter and smoother image for your events.

Chauvet F4IP TitleThe F4IP is as the name suggests IP65 rated for outdoor use and is fitted with EtherCON data and TRUE1 power connectors. Each panel has a dual redundant power supply to ensure reliability. The panels are stocked by IPS in two frame sizes: 500mm by 500mm and the larger 1000mm by 500mm. The larger panel size reduces build times and simplifies rigging. See the Chauvet website here for more F4IP specifications. Screens can be supplied flown via a Chauvet rigging bar system, or IPS have a range of ground support systems depending on the application. These include truss-based systems suitable for outdoor use and coming very soon is the Prolyte LSU modular screen support system for indoor use. Keep an eye on our Latest Products section for details.

Chauvet F4IP on HPT ConferenceDespite only being in stock for a short while, the F4IP screen has already seen some action onsite, being the main screen at a conference for a major DIY retailer for IPS client HPT. Over 120 panels of Chauvet screen performed flawlessly onsite, with a F4IP based central screen, along with two side screens used for IMAG camera shots of presenters. Novastar processing helped deliver the content, and IPS also supplied two Laser Projection fed screens, plus just under 200 lighting fixtures, and a full staging, rigging, and draping production package. There was also nearly 1000m2 of IPS LED Starcloth used on the event, which took place at the Harrogate International Centre.

IPS has a large stock of LED Video Screen, and this includes the 4.8mm Chauvet F4IP, 6.9mm Chauvet X6IP, 5.2mm Chauvet PVP S5 and 2.9mm Prolights Apix2 products – plus extensive rigging options. This is alongside a broad ranging inventory of Staging, Rigging, Lighting, Sound and Power equipment all from leading manufactures. Please get in touch if you would like more information on any of the rental products that we offer, of if you would like to discuss any upcoming projects.