Chauvet Ovation ww ipThe latest arrival in the IPS Trade Hire stock is a range of LED Profiles from Chauvet

IPS are excited to have finally taken the plunge and invested in 100 LED Profile fixtures. The Ovation range from Chauvet has been redeveloped to include some IP rated options which after extensive testing have proved to be the right choice for our busy hire stock. They are ready to hire now, and available with our already comprehensive range of lens options – plus a rather unique rotating gobo accessory that is powered directly from the fixture. Check out the latest hire prices here.

The two fixtures that are ready to hire are the Chauvet Ovation E-260WW IP with a Warm White LED Source, and the Chauvet Ovation E-910FC IP with a Red/Green/Blue/Amber/Lime LED Source. As with an increasing trend in fixture design, both are IP65 rated, so they can be used inside or outside as required. The fixtures have power inlet and link out connectors on TRUE1 type connectors, and data is connected via 5pin XLR for the in and out. They are supplied on Slimline Quick Trigger Clamps and a safety bond. As with all our Source 4 range, these Chauvet fixtures can be supplied with either a standard 19/26/36/50 degrees lens, or we also stock 5/10/14/90 degree lens options for specific applications.

Chauvet Ovation RGBALThe Chauvet Ovation E-260WW IP Warm WhiteWarm White fixture has a 3149k colour temperature LED source which has a seriously punchy output, being brighter than the generic 750w equivalent – and has a maximum power consumption of only 213 watts. Four different selectable dimmer curves and adjustable PWM settings mean everything is kept looking smooth, even on camera. Four different DMX modes (2 to 7 channels) are available too (accessible via RDM) that give control over dimming, gobo rotation plus strobe and auto programs if needed.

The Chauvet Ovation E-910FC IP Full Colour fixtureFull Colour fixture has a RGBAL LED source (Red, Green, Blue, Amber & Lime) that has a virtual colour wheel plus a range of preset colour temperature values for easy operation. The LED source consists of 91 LEDs and has adjustable PWM settings to avoid camera flicker. Fixture power consumption is only 241 watts. Full RDM support means accessing the 8 different DMX modes (4 to 16 channels) is easy, and there is control for each of the colours, plus fine adjustment, strobe modes and also the built in colour wheel presets.

These new fixtures join an already wide range of LED sourced fixtures – and an increasing range of IP rated stock too. Please get in touch if you’d like to arrange to come in to have a look at them in person, or send us an email or call if you’d like a quotation for any upcoming events and projects – we look forward to hearing from you.