GLP X5IP arrives at IPS 01100 in stock - IPS has the World’s First hire stocks all cased and ready to go…

The Impression X5 IP Bar from GLP is a high output LED Batten that can be used indoors or outdoors. Each X5 IP is 1m long, consumes up to 750w of power and weights 27kg per fixture. It is the long-awaited successor to the industry standard Impression X4 Bar series – with brighter LEDs with a wider colour gamut, an improved zoom range, faster mechanicals, and all in an IP65 rated package.

Already being specified on shows and productions worldwide, IPS are excited to have the first 100 available rental stock of these fixtures anywhere in the world.GLP_X5IP_arrives_at_IPS_02_in_cases.jpg They are supplied by IPS cased in multiples of three fixtures (to keep the cases in a quarter-pack configuration for easy trucking), with each fixture supplied with a pair of Quick Trigger clamps and a safety bond, as well as a 16a to TRUE1 power cable.

IP65. The Impression X5 IP bar is suitable for indoor or outdoor use, and the weatherproofing also provides additional protection against fog/dust/haze as well as rain, making these fixtures ideal for all kinds of event applications.

40W RGBL LEDS with GLP iQ.Gamut colour calibration. GLP_X5IP_arrives_at_IPS_03.jpgMatching the rest of the GLP X5 product range, the 18x Red/Green/Blue/Lime LED engines per fixture can create a range of colours, with selectable calibrated white points, colour correction and virtual colour wheels to get whatever shade or hue your need for your show.

195 degree of Tilt. One of the standout features of the X4 that has carried over to the X5 is the linear tilt of these battens – and the X5 does it faster and smoother than ever!

4.5 degree to 60 degrees of Zoom. Increased zoom range, with new square lenses ensure all kinds of looks can be created with these fixtures, GLP_X5IP_arrives_at_IPS_04.jpgfrom a tight linear curtain to a wider wash. The square lens design helps ensure uniformity between fixtures when they are used in a long line (and alignment hardware within the fixtures helps keep everything perfectly lined up too).

Power & Control. TRUE 1 in and link out connections make for easy power connection, and 5pin DMX in and out plus EtherCON allow reliable data too. Supporting DMX, RDM, Art-Net, sACN and iQ.Mesh onboard, 5 different control modes allow from 20 to 63 parameters to be controlled per fixture.

Full manufacturers specifications and details can be found on the GLP website hereGLP_X5IP_arrives_at_IPS_05.jpg

The GLP Impression X5 IP Bar is ready to hire now from IPS – check out the latest prices on our website here or get in touch with our team to check trade prices and availability. They are in stock along with the GLP Impression X4 Bar 10 and Bar 20, as well as the GLP JDC-1 Strobe too – and many more fixtures too.