instagrid ONE at IPS 0003 IMG 2501instagrid MAX One Battery Pack arrives at IPS

We are excited to announce that we have added the instagrid One MAX battery pack to our range of power hire options. Each pack has a 2.1kWh capacity and can easily be positioned wherever you need it – perfect for a satellite PA system, a remote lighting position, or anywhere short-term mains voltage power is required. Short set up time and instant power availability add to the appeal – and IPS instagrid hire units are suppled fully charged and ready to go.

The 2.1kWh battery can produce a maximum output of 3600w at 230v. instagrid ONE at IPS 0000 IMG 2513The amount of time a pack will last will of course depend on the load, but so far in our real world testing it has proven to be true to the specification – and has already impressed a lot of people. 

Power is output via a TRUE1 socket and 13a socket, and power input for charging is via a TRUE1 inlet. Onboard power metering gives an indication of the amount of charge remaining, and the unit can be fully recharged in 3 hours or less.

At 20kg each, these portable units are compact and light enough to be carried to almost anywhere you have a power requirement. instagrid ONE at IPS 0002 IMG 9946Designed with a integrated carry handle, the tough external framework for these units make the instagrid a quick grab and go solution.

Whilst the one MAX battery packs have not been in our hire stock for long, they have already had some interesting adventures, from powering PA system to cover an emergency generator repair, running a coffee machine and fridge for nearly 6 hours, to powering the press lighting for a photocall as part of the recent Barbie film premiere events in a high profile London location with no accessible power supply. 

 instagrid ONE at IPS 0001 IMG 9947instagrid MAX One Battery Packs are supplied from IPS fully charged and ready to go. You can check out the full manufacturer's details here: They can be hired from IPS either by the day or by the week too – check out the latest hire prices on our generators page here, or get in touch for a quote.