Our biggest LED Screen to date for the Dune: Part Two Film Premiere.

Supported by a series of Layher structures, IPS supplied over 200m2 of IP65 rated 3.9mm Chauvet REM 3IP screen to create a stunning 42m wide by 5m high backdrop for this high-profile film premiere dominating Leicester Square Gardens. Working to the exacting designs of technical production masterminds Limited Edition Event Design, we supplied and installed the LED Screen along with over 700 lighting fixtures for the event, including our brand new Roxx E Show TW+ LED Par fixtures.

The Layher structures were used to create a series of backdrop walls which supported the LED Screen and other branding panels, as well as providing a lighting position. Clever integration of an interview and photoshoot area on an extended stage platform provided additional footprint for the structure. This provided a large level space ideal for the detailed scenic theming which added to the atmosphere – including tons of sand, all of which contributed to reduce the ballast requirement.

IPS has a great range of IP rated lighting equipment which is ideal for this kind of project – plus with large stocks ready to hire it meant that the fixture counts can easily be scaled up as shows get bigger. Something that was certainly the case with this rather spectacular production.

The multi-day build was during a series of other large projects at IPS, although our team and suppliers rose to the challenge as always. A total of 11 Artic trailers of equipment were dispatched by our warehouse for this project, and then of course returned a few days later, making sure that all our warehouse departments were as busy as the onsite teams. There was also a lot of complex structural design and engineering required to ensure that all the structures had the correct wind and weight loadings, so plenty of pre-production was required as well as operational elements. Big thanks to all involved.

You can see bigger versions of these photos on our facebook page here. Plus you can check out the press coverage in L&SI magazine here.

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