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PLASA Focus Leeds 2024

Come and see us (and much more) on the 14th and 15th May. 

Massive Outdoor LED Screen

Our biggest LED Screen to date for the Dune: Part Two Film Premiere.

Event Power Generation & Distribution

Updated generator range with brand new 100kVA Stage V hire options

Indoor Staging

Outdoor FOH Control Platform

Outdoor Event Production requires all kinds of equipment to be operated in temporary locations, and we can provide structures to weatherproof, support, position, house, hang and protect your kit. Technical crew also need space to operate control equipment, and everything works much better when they can stay protected from the elements!

IPS Outdoor Structures can be built in almost any location onsite, and represent great value for money especially when supplied in combination with other structures - such as our range of Outdoor Roof Stages

IPS Outdoor Stage Platforms Camera Jib

The menu on the left contains more information about the Outdoor Structure options we have ready to hire. Please get in touch to discuss pricing and specific event requirements. 

Indoor Seating Platform

At IPS, we have the largest rental stock of LiteDeck modules in the UK, with a huge range of different sizes including circles, triangles and a full range of accessories. We have lots of experience in building different stages and structures, and some of the more popular solutions are listed on the left hand side - click on these for further information about our indoor staging hire options. We also stock a modular indoor LED Screen Support system, and can provide supports or platforms for a wide range of technical equipment constructed from hybrid combinations of Layher, LiteDeck and Truss components to meet your event requirements. 

Custom Staircase at NEC

If you just want to hire the equipment to set up yourself, head to the Trade Dry hire section of our website, or for all other projects please contact us to discuss your show or production requirements.



Special ProjectsOver the years, IPS has built a huge variety of different structures - and usually out of stock sections. We are always up for a challenge, let us know if you have an idea or requirement for a project, but aren't sure where to start! Some examples of our projects include:

  • Circular Stages
  • Multi-level Staging Platforms
  • Raised Walkways
  • Car Platforms
  • Camera Jib Platforms
  • Custom Staircases
  • Custom Ramps
  • Custom built Angled Platform Sections
  • And a whole lot more!

Indoor Theatre StageIPS has a range of staging modules that can be constructed in many different configurations to build whatever stage size required. Below are some examples of common requests, but we can build pretty much any shape and height required. Staging can either be collected from our warehouse and set up yourself, or IPS can deliver and install, and then remove after your event.

Some popular sizes include:

Staging Platform Small – 4’ x 4’ (1220mm x 1220mm) LiteDeck Platform @ 1’ (305mm) high. Ideal to highlight a performer or area of a stage or theatre space; Platforms are available at a variety of heights to suit your requirements. 

Staging Platform Large – 8’ x 8’ (2440mm x 24400mm) LiteDeck Platform @ 1’ (305mm) high. Ideal to highlight part of a scene or area of a stage or theatre space; Platforms are available at a variety of heights to suit your requirements. 

Stage Bridge – 32’ x 4’ (9600mm x 1220mm) @ 3’ high (915mm) with access treads at either end. Ideal to add another level to your stage performance – and creates a handy space to store props set. Variety of widths & heights available - contact us to discuss your requirements. 

Stage Extension – Do you ever wish that your stage apron was another 4’ or 8’ deeper? Wonder what your theatre would be like if the band pit was a bigger stage? Or always wanted a central staircase to get onto the stage? IPS can help! Using standard staging modules and adjustable legs, we can build out from your stage edge at exactly the right height - even in a raked auditorium – contact us to discuss your requirements.