Impact Production Services (IPS) stocks a range of Litestructures and Prolyte Structures Outdoor Roof Stages. They are all constructed with certified components, by trained technicians. All structures have structural calculations, and full Health & Safety documentation. IPS also has a fleet of vehicles to get the equipment on and off site in a cost effective manner. Outdoor Stages can be constructed anywhere in the UK, and all transport is calculated from our base in Milton Keynes. We have worked with a huge variety of different events, in all sorts of weird and wonderful locations from castles and stately homes to the roofs of shopping centres and on beaches - whatever your event, contact us for more information on our outdoor stage hire options.

IPS 6m Bandstand


  • Stage Area 6.7m by 6.7m (22’ x 22’) Hexagonal typically at 0.6m (2') high
  • Roof Canopy available in Blue & Green or Red & Yellow PVC
  • Ideal as an Acoustic Stage - or Central Meeting Point

IPS 10m Bandstand XL


  • Stage Area 9.6m by 9.6m (30’ x 30’) typically at 0.9m (3’) high
  • Larger Bandstand structure with 360degree sightlines
  • Ideal for bands, or as a centrepiece for events wanting a centrepiece that is a bit different

IPS 6m x 4m Arc Roof

  • arc-roof-thumbStage Area 5.5m wide by 3.6m deep (18' x 12') typically at 0.9m (3') high
  • Curved roof design
  • Suitable for audiences of up to 2000 people
  • Ideal as a small band or presentation/ DJ stage

IPS 8m x 6m Arc Roof


  • Stage Area 7.3m wide by 6m deep (24’ x 20’) typically at 0.9m (3’) high
  • Attractive curved roof design
  • Suitable for audiences of 2000-3000 people
  • Ideal for all sorts of events - PA towers are also in stock if required

Prolyte 12m x 10m MPT Roof Stage


  • Stage Area 12m wide by 10m deep typically at 1.5m high
  • Large Roof loading with many rigging options
  • Suitable for 3000-8000 people
  • Ideal for events with band changeovers
  • PA Wings & Cowshed Options

IPS 14m & 18m Tunnel Roof

tunnel roof thumb

  • Flexible stage size with 14m and 18m width options
  • Curved roof design with matching cowsheds
  • Our largest curved roof structure - ideal for larger events, suitable for audiences of up to 25,000 people

IPS 10m x 8m Arc Roof

10x8 Arc Roof

  • Stage Area 9.7m wide by 7.9m deep (32’ x 26’) typically at 1.2m (4’) high
  • Elegant curved roof design
  • Suitable for audiences of 2000 - 4500 people
  • Available with a range of platform options

IPS 16m x 14m CLT XL Roof

Prolyte Clt

  • Stage Area 16m wide by 14m deep (52’x46’) typically at 2m (6'6") high
  • Massive Roof Loading, lots of platform, ramp, wing and cowshed options
  • Ideal Main Stage for larger events, suitable for audiences of up to 15000 people

IPS 16-20-24m PR15 Roof Structure

PR15 roof thumb

  • Stage Area up to 24m wide by 15m deep 
  • Substantial structure with extensive rigging options
  • Ideal Festival Main Stage for larger events, suitable for audiences of up to 75000 people

IPS 15m smartSTAGE 180 Trailer Stage

Trailer stage thumb

    • Stage Area 14.2m wide by 11.5m deep 
    • Trailer based Stage deployed from an articulated lorry
    • Short build time with high production values, suitable for audiences of up to 15000 people

Alongside our Outdoor Roof stages, we also stock Crowd Barrier, Rigging Towers, Cable Ramps, Lighting, Sound and Power Distribution Equipment - in fact, all the technical infrastructure that could be required on an event site, in stock and ready to hire. We can offer package deals with a roof structure, and combine crew and transport to make a cost effective solution.