IPS eze up on LiteDeckThe Front of House (FOH) Control position is an important element of an outdoor production. IPS can supply FOH Structure solutions from a simple tent on a raised platform, to a multi-level structure with integrated followspot positions. IPS Eze-Up Tents are supplied in black, and measure 4.5m wide by 3m deep. They are supplied with walls to all sides that can be removed or rolled back for operation, and are usually constructed on LiteDeck platforms. These are ideal for smaller short events in more sheltered locations, where the platform is based on a reasonably level surface.

IPS Layher based FOH Structures are available in a range of footprint sizes, IPS FOH 6x4 newand can be constructed with one, two or three levels with integral staircases. The Layher system has an open front with PVC tarps to the top, rear and sides with a silver outer and matt black interior, and can be constructed in a wide range of locations, even on very uneven ground. Many different configurations can be supplied, depending on site and event requirements - such as incorporating control desk support shelfs or operator risers. The IPS standard footprint dimensions are as follows:

          - 4m wide by 4m deep 

          - 6m wide by 4m deep 

          - 8m wide by 4m deepOutdoor FOH Control Platform

          - 10m wide by 4m deep 

IPS FOH Structures are usually supplied as part of an Outdoor Roof System package, delivered and constructed by a team of IPS technicians. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements and pricing.