Pyro, Confetti, Fog, Haze and much more: Check out our extended range of Special FX

Did you know that IPS stock a full range of special effects? We have a selection of items that can subtly help create or enhance an atmosphere. Or provide a bold attention-grabbing effect. Whatever you are trying to achieve, we have the hardware in our hire stock to make it happen.

Low Lying Fog: Starting with our newest arrival, the Chauvet Professional Cloud 9, a low-lying Fog Effect. Designed to emulate a dry ice effect without the complications, these innovative machines require just LFG Fluid and distilled water. The Cloud 9 can be run from a 13a mains power supply so are very easy to deploy and create great effects. We also have the popular Martin/JEM Gladiator Dynamic low fog machine in hire stock too.

Fog (Smoke): Not just for ground hugging effects, Fog machines can also project intense bursts for great lighting opportunities. We have conventional Fog machines including the classic Martin/JEM ZR45 and the Look Solutions Viper 2.6. Plus popular vertical firing Vesuvio units from Chauvet.

Haze: If you don’t want the density of a Fog effect, but still want to enhance your lighting looks, we have Haze machines from Look Solutions, Le Maitre and JEM/Martin to choose from. For the finest haze (and perfect for film and TV work) we also stock the impressive co2 assisted MDG ATMe machines ready to hire.

Pyro: If you need a shower of sparks or a real flash and bang, we have a range of Pyrotechnics from Le Maitre, plus for a cold fallout version that is easier on the Risk Assessment we have the easy to deploy Sparkular effect.

Confetti: Nothing can beat the euphoria of a good confetti drop – especially if you aren’t in charge of sweeping the venue afterwards! We have a range of MagicFX firing systems, including options that can be triggered over DMX.

Kabuki Drop: Another special effects classic is the curtain drop reveal. We stock EK Kabuki units, which can be set up for lots of types of drop with either a single or multiple stage release. We have two different channel versions for more complex set ups (check out some ideas here, including the brilliantly named ‘Flop & Drop’ )

Everything Else: Whether it is a DMX fan or a dedicated flame projector, we have lots of options ready to hire – as well as lots of types of strobe and true UV fixtures. We even have some foam-based snow machines in the inventory. Many lighting fixtures now include animation wheels for creating water or flame effects. Some offer UV (or very close) effects. Plus, via either an LED Source or mechanical shutter they can create impressive strobing too.

TLDR – Loads of special effects ready to hire from IPS. If there is a look of effect you are trying to create, we probably have a piece of hardware (and a clever way to use it) to make it work.

As always, check out the latest hire prices for all these items on our website, or get in touch with our team for a quote for your event.