Crowd Barrier Information
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Litestructures LiteBarrier 1m Panel   magGlassLiteBarrier    £23.00
Litestructures LiteBarrier 1m Gate & Multicore        £40.00
Litestructures LiteBarrier Versa Corner   magGlassVersa-Corner-LiteBarrier     £40.00
Litestructures LiteBarrier 5° Internal Corner   magGlass5-deg-LiteBarrier     £23.00
Litestructures LiteBarrier 22.5° Internal Corner        £23.00
Litestructures LiteBarrier 45° Internal Corner   magGlass45-deg-LiteBarrier     £23.00


Crowd Barrier is also known as Front of Stage Barrier, Pit Barrier and Mojo Barrier, and should be used as part of a wider crowd control management plan. 

The IPS LiteBarrier sections connect together using M10 bolts (which can be supplied with the panels). These require 17mm ratchet spanners to install and remove, and the Versa Corner requires a 14mm Allen key to set the angle. 

Please note that whilst we take every care to ensure that our equipment is always in good condition, at some points of the year it is not possible to clean Crowd Barrier between events. Due to the nature of the site location and conditions that the barrier is used, sometimes it will be muddy. If this is likely to cause issues at your event, please let us know in advance and we will work with you to make sure that the barrier arrives in an acceptable condition. Please contact us for more details.