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Shure PG58 c/w Switch Budget version of the switched SM58   £4.00 £12.00
Shure SM57 Snare, Tom, Guitar & Percussion Mic Shure SM57 £4.00 £12.00
Shure SM58 Industry Standard Dynamic Vocal Mic Shure SM58 £4.00 £12.00
Shure SM58 c/w Switch As above - with an on/off switch! Shure SM58 £5.00 £15.00
Shure Beta 57a Snare, Tom, Guitar, Percussion & String Mic Shure Beta 57A £4.00 £12.00
Shure SM91 Ideal for Kick Druss, Bass or Piano LF   £6.00 £18.00
Shure Beta 91 Ideal for Kick Drum, Bass, or Piano LF Shure Beta 91 £7.00 £21.00
Shure Beta 52a Kick Drum or Bass Mic   shure-beta-52a-mic £5.00 £15.00
Shure Beta 98 with A98D Drum Mount
Ideal for Toms, snares and percussion instruments   Shure Beta 98 with Drum Mount £7.00 £21.00
Shure Beta 98 with A98KCS Horn Mount
Ideal for Reed, String & Wind Instruments   Shure Beta 98 with Horn Mount £7.00 £21.00
Shure Beta WB98 H/C for Wireless (Shure) As above but with Shure 4pin Mini XLR for use with Shure Wireless Beltpack   £7.00 £21.00
Shure Beta WB98 H/C for Wireless (Sennheiser) As above but with Sennheiser Locking Jack for use with Sennheiser Wireless Beltpack   £7.00 £21.00
Shure Beta 27 Large Diaphragm condensor mic   £10.00 £30.00
Shure KSM32
Large Diaphragm condesnor mic (SL & GR models) magGlassShure KSM32 web £14.00 £42.00
AKG C1000s Ideal for Vocals, Instruments and more AKG C1000S £4.00 £12.00
AKG D112
Kick Drum or Bass Mic AKG D112 Drum Mic £4.00 £12.00
AKG C519M Clip On Instrument Mic - ideal for Percussion AKG C519M Instrument Mic £7.00 £21.00
AKG SE300B with CK93
Hypercardioid Mic with many uses AKG SE300 £8.00  £24.00
AKG SE300B with CK98 Hypercardioid Short Shotgun Mic   £12.00 £36.00
Cardioid Condesnor Mic magGlassAKG C451B web £6.00 £18.00
Large Diaphragm Condensor Mic   IPS-AKG-C414 XLS Mic £14.00 £42.00
Audix D2 Hyper Cardioid Microphone - Ideal for Toms   £4.50 £13.50
Audix D4 Hyper Cardioid Microphone - Ideal for Floor Toms   £4.50 £13.50
Audix D6 Cardioid Microphone - Ideal for Kick Drums   £4.50 £13.50
Audix i5 Cardiod Microphone - Ideal general purpose instrument mic   £4.50 £13.50
Sennheiser E945
Handheld Super Cardioid Vocal Microphone magGlassSennheiser E945 Handheld Mic £4.00 £12.00
Sennheiser E604 Clip On Instrument Mic - ideal for Toms Sennheiser E604  £4.00 £12.00
Sennheiser E904
Superior Clip on Instrument Mic - ideal for Toms magGlassSennheiser E904 Mic Web £7.00 £21.00
Beyer Dynamic MPC 65 Boundary Mic BeyerDynamic PC 65  £5.00 £15.00
Audio Technica AT857 Lectern Mic Audio Technica Lectern Mic £7.00 £21.00
Shure MX412 Lectern Mic supplied with mic clip and table stand   £12.00 £36.00
Authentic 1950's Style Mic
Ideal to get that 50's look 50's Style Mic £5.00 £15.00
Behringher EM8000 Omnidirectional Referance Microphone   £5.00 £15.00
Headworn Mic - Beige
Sennheiser 3.5mm Jack magGlassProel Mic Headset £4.00 £12.00
Sennheiser Aerobic Headband Mic - Black Sennheiser 3.5mm Jack magGlassSennheiser-Aerobic-Headset-Mic-WEB £5.00 £15.00
DPA d:fine 66 Omni Headset Mic - Beige  Microdot to Shure Mini XLR   £20.00 £60.00
DPA Microdot to Sennheiser Adaptor
Allows DPA headsets to be used with Sennheiser beltpacks magGlassSennheiser to DPA adaptor £3.00 £9.00


                   DI Boxes
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Behringer Ultra DI 100 Active DI Box 9v or Phantom Behringher Ultra Di Box £3.00 £9.00
BSS AR133 Active DI Box 9v or Phantom BSS AR133 Di Box £4.00 £12.00
Radial ProD2 Passive Stereo DI Box *NEW* Passive Dual Jack to Dual XLR - Ideal for Keyboards   £6.00 £18.00
Interspace PC Balance Box  Passive - XLRM to 3.5mm Mini Jack Interspace-PC-Balance-Box £10.00 £30.00
Palmer PLI-01 Line Isolation Unit
1 channel 10K Ohm Isolation Palmer-PLI01-Line-Isolator---web £6.00 £18.00
Palmer PLI-02 Line Isolation Unit
2 channel 600 Ohm Isolation   Palmer-PLI02-Line-Isolator-web £12.00 £36.00


                   Microphone Stands
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K&M 237 Mic Table Clamp
  KM Mic Clamp £1.50 £4.50
K&M 240/5 Mic & Antenna Clamp     IPS KM Antenna  Mic Clamp 240-5 £2.00 £6.00
Cast Base Table Top Stand   Cast Base Table Mic Stand £2.00 £6.00
Beyer Dynamic Short Boom Stand   BeyerDynamic Short Boom Mic Stand £3.00 £9.00
Beyer Dynamic Tall Boom Stand   BeyerDynamic Tall Boom Mic Stand £3.00 £9.00
K&M Cast Base Mic Stand   KM Cast Base Mic Stand £3.00 £9.00