Corporate EventsIPS work on a diverse range of projects on a regular basis; these range from festivals to film premieres, and from theatre performances to business presentations. This broad experience base means that we can apply creative ideas from a variety of disciplines to specific projects. We have the logistical skills to ensure that your event infrastructure is constructed within the required timescale and budget, and the finished product is the standard that is required.

We can get involved at various levels, our lighting designers can craft creative lighting designs, to either subtly enhance your event, or dramatically transform the environment. We are also happy to work with you preferred lighting designer, and our technical team can then help realise the design by arranging the logistics of the lighting hardware and getting it installed onsite - when it can be programmed and operated either by our technicians, or again you can provide the crew. With large stocks of generic and intelligent lighting, plus a range of control options, we can supply everything required for almost any size of event, whether inside or out. Away from the stage and performance areas, we also have emergency lighting and site lighting equipment to make your event site safely navigable by the event guests, and safe for your staff to work.

Please contact us for more information or to discuss your event.