Power is an essential requirement for any technical production, and the team at IPS are ready to supply your event needs. Large stocks of cabling and power distribution mean that we can deliver the supplies that your event requires, anywhere on your event site.  We have a small fleet of our own generators, and can also supply multiple and synced sets depending on your event requirements. IPS also have a full time qualified electrician who is able to advise on the best power distribution configurations and sign off completed installations. IPS can also supply earth stakes and bonding kits to ensure that the whole temporary electrical power installation is compliant, and meets the requirements of the BS 7909:2011 Code of practice for temporary electrical systems for entertainment and related purposes

65kva-GeneratorGenerators & Fuel Management
IPS stock a portable 6kVA super silenced generator and a 65kVA super silenced road tow unit, along with a 25kVA super silenced model that can be either skid or trailer mounted. These particular models were selected for their quiet running and fuel efficiency, and both offer various different outlet options – see our Dry Hire section for further details. Both types of generator are diesel powered, and can be supplied with fuel, ready to go for your event.

The 6kVA generator has a single phase output enabling up to 20A of current to be supplied. This is ideal for example to power a small PA system and a couple of lights.

The 25kVA generator has a three phase output of 36A per phase, enabling up to 108A of current to be supplied. This is one of our most popular units, and ideal for medium sized event set ups.

The 65kVA generator has a three phase output of 80A per phase, enabling up to 240A of current to be supplied. This is ideal for a large sound system and full stage lighting rig.

For larger events, or for situations where a backup generator is required, we would suggest a synced pair of generators that load share, and either generator can instantaneously take over in the event that a generator develops a fault. During non-show times, one set can run alone to save fuel.
IPS can also supply fuel management services to ensure that your event runs smoothly, and keeps on running. Effective power planning can also maximise the efficiency of the power generation equipment specified for your event, and also minimise the fuel requirements.

Power-DistroPower Distribution
IPS has a wealth of experience in power distribution for a range of scenarios, from muddy outdoor event sites to a neat exhibition in a conference centre.  We have a range of equipment to suit your power distribution requirements, and thousands of metres of cabling to connect everything together. If you have 100 exhibitors each needing a 13a socket, we can help, and are equally at home providing a three phase 400a Powerlock distribution system to multiple distribution boards. Our range of distribution equipment will enable the right power supply to be made to the correct location, and with the appropriate circuit protection for the application.

Site Lighting
IPS can also supply a wide range of site lighting, from festoon lighting to mark walkways and campsite perimeters, to flood lighting to light carparks, meeting points, entrances and much more. Energy efficient discharge floodlights are used, and we stock a range of hardware to enable fixtures to be fitted into a wide range of scenarios.

Whatever your event power requirements, why not give us a call to discuss your requirements.