Dimmers | Lighting Control

                                  Dimmers Information Photo Daily Weekly
1 Way 10amp Anytronics Dimmer 16a inlet - 1 x 16A Socket Outlet     £12.00
3 Way 6.3amp Zero 88 Alphapack 2 DMX
13a inlet - 3 x 16A Socket Outlet magGlassAlphapack   £10.00
6 Way 10amp Zero 88 Betapack 3 DMX 63a 1p inlet - 6 x Twin  Socket Outlet magGlassBetapack-3   £20.00

18 Way 16amp Paradime Tour Rack

18 Dim and 18 Hot Power Outlets

Fully Patchable

63a 3p inlet with 6x Soca Outlets

24 Way Avolites PowerCube

12 Dim and 12 Hot Power Outlets or

18 Dim and 6 Hot Power Outlets

63a 3p inlet with 8x Soca Outlets

1 in 2 out way isolated DMX splitter 

magGlass   £100.00
48 Way Avolites Art 2000 T4 Dimmer Rack*

48 Dim Outlets with 3 x Soca Inlets

Fully Patchable

Powerlock in & thru with 16x Soca Outlets & 4x Soca Inlets
Aux Power Outlets and Isolating DMX Splitter

magGlass   £300.00
*Hot Power Modules also avaliable        


                                  Lighting Control

Information Photo Daily Weekly
1 Preset 6 Way DMX desk (3pin) c/w PSU  3 Pin DMX Output magGlass6ch-DMX-Desk   £5.00
Zero 88 Jester 12/24 DMX Desk   magGlassJester   £30.00
Avolites Pearl Tiger c/w LCD   magGlassAvo-Pearl-Tiger   £140.00
Avolites Pearl Titan Expert (c/w LCD Monitor)   magGlassAvo-Pearl-Expert    £200.00
Avolites Quartz
  magGlassAvo Quartz web thumb   £180.00
Avolites Titan Mobile Fader Wing (Only available with Quartz)
  magGlassAvolites Titan Mobile Wing web thumb   £50.00
Avolites Tiger Touch II   magGlassAvo Tiger Touch2   £220.00
Avolites Arena
  magGlassAvolites Arena web thumb   £350.00
Chamsys MagicDMX USB Dongle (5pin) Requires laptop running Chamsys software     £10.00
ChamSys MagicQ MQ80 Compact Console *NEW*       £220.00
ChamSys MagicQ MQ100 Pro 2014 Console
  magGlassChamsys-MQ100   £280.00
ChamSys MagicQ Playback Wing   magGlassChamsys-Playback Wing   £80.00
grandMA 2 Light
  magGlassgrandMA2-LX-Desk   £650.00
grandMA 2 Full Size
  magGlassGrandMA 2 Full size web thumb   £850.00
grandMA NPU (Network Processing Unit)   magGlassgrandMA2-NPU   £300.00
ChamSys Four Port Art-Net Interface/Node   magGlassSnakesys Artnet   £40.00
Luminex DMX4 / Truss MKII Four Port Art-Net Node  Truss Mountable magGlassLuminex DMX4 Artnet Node   £55.00
Rocksolid Technologies RockSwitch MK2   A/B DMX Switch magGlassRockSwitch mk2   £200.00
Art-Net DMX Rack (c/w UPS,  1 x Luminex DMX8, 1 x Luminex 14R Gigaswitch & 8 x Luminx Lumisplit DMX Splitter)
Artnet Node with 64 DMX Outputs magGlassIPS Artnet Tour Rack   £350.00
Martin P3-150 System Controller (c/w Monitor)
Video to P3 Controller with Art-Net Control     £250.00
Wireless Solutions W-DMX F-1 G4 Transceiver  (mk1 & mk2 models in stock) magGlassWireless-DMX   £45.00
Wireless Solutions W-DMX F-1 G5 Transceiver       £45.00
Wireless Solutions W-DMX Outdoor Directional 8/10 Antenna
Enhances outdoor performance of G4/G5 Transceiver     £15.00
Swisson XRC-150 DMX Recorder / Replay Unit
IEC     £30.00
Swisson XRC-200 DMX Recorder / Replay Unit
5pin DMX     £60.00
Twin DMX Distro 2 in 8 out - *Replaced by Luminex Lumisplit 2.10 DMX Distro/Buffer as of Nov 2018*        
Luminex Lumisplit 2.10 DMX Distro
5pin DMX only      £45.00
Apple Airport Express Wi-Fi Router     £15.00 £45.00
20" HP LCD Monitor - VGA & DVI Input
16:9 Ratio - 1600 x 900   £25.00 £75.00
ROBE RoboSpot System
complete with 75m Control Loom     £450.00


Dimmer & FOH Tents

Information Photo Daily Weekly
1m x 1m Black Pop Up Tent
Ideal for Power Distro - 1.6m high     £50.00
4.5m x 3m Black Pop Up Tent  Ideal as FOH Position or Dimmer Tent     £120.00
3m x 3m Black Pop Up Tent  Ideal as Dimmer Tent     £90.00
Stanley 2000w Heater 13a plug     £10.00