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 Lighting Control

Information Photo Daily Weekly
1 Preset 6 Way DMX desk (3pin) c/w PSU  3 Pin DMX Output magGlass6ch-DMX-Desk   £5.00
Zero 88 Jester 12/24 DMX Desk   magGlassJester   £30.00
Avolites Quartz
  magGlassAvo Quartz web thumb   £180.00
Avolites Titan Mobile Fader Wing (Only available with Quartz)
  magGlassAvolites Titan Mobile Wing web thumb   £50.00
Avolites Tiger Touch II   magGlassAvo Tiger Touch2   £220.00
Avolites Arena
  magGlassAvolites Arena web thumb   £350.00
Chamsys MagicDMX USB Dongle (5pin) Requires laptop running Chamsys software     £10.00
ChamSys MagicQ MQ80 Compact Console
  magGlassChamsys MQ 80 IPS Web   £220.00
Chamsys MagicQ MQ250M Console *NEW*   magGlass   £400.00
MA Lighting - grandMA2 Light Desk
  magGlassgrandMA2-LX-Desk   £650.00
MA Lighting - grandMA2 Full Size Desk
  magGlassGrandMA 2 Full size web thumb   £850.00
MA Lighting - grandMA2 NPU (Network Processing Unit)   magGlassgrandMA2-NPU   £300.00
MA Lighting - grandMA3 Compact Desk   magGlassgrandMA3 compact IPS web   £400.00
MA Lighting - grandMA3 Light Desk 
  magGlassgrandMA3 Light IPS Web   £750.00
MA Lighting - grandMA3 Full Size Desk 
  magGlassgrandMA3 Full Size IPS Web   £950.00
MA Lighting - grandMA3 Processing Unit M 4096
  magGlassgrandMA3 processing unit M IPS Web   £350.00
Luminex LumiNode 4 Four Port DMX/Art-Net Node & Ethernet Processor  Truss Mountable magGlassLumiNode4 IPS Web   £85.00
Luminex DMX4 / Truss MKII Four Port DMX/Art-Net Node Truss Mountable magGlassLuminex DMX4 Artnet Node   £55.00
Luminex DMX8 Eight Port DMX/Art-Net Node 1U Rack Mount     £75.00
Luminex Gigacore 14R Gigaswitch Network Switch  1U Rack Mount     £85.00
Luminex Gigacore 16XT Gigaswitch Network Switch 1U Rack Mount     £85.00
Art-Net DMX Rack (c/w UPS,  1 x Luminex DMX8, 1 x Luminex 14R Gigaswitch & 8 x Luminx Lumisplit DMX Splitter)
Artnet Node with 64 DMX Outputs magGlassIPS Artnet Tour Rack   £350.00
Martin P3-150 System Controller (c/w Monitor)
Video to P3 Controller with Art-Net Control     £250.00
Wireless Solutions W-DMX F-1 G4 Transceiver mk2 W-DMX G3/G4/G4S Modes magGlassWDMX G4 MK2 Web   £45.00
Wireless Solutions W-DMX/CRMX F-1 G6 Transceiver W-DMX G3/G4/G4S/G5 & CRMX Modes magGlassWDMX G6 Web   £45.00
Wireless Solutions W-DMX Outdoor Directional 8/10 Antenna
Enhances outdoor performance of G4/G5/G6 Transceiver magGlassWDMX Antenna Web   £15.00
Swisson XRC-200 DMX Recorder / Replay Unit
2x 5pin DMX input & output     £60.00
Luminex Lumisplit 2.10 DMX Distro
5pin DMX only      £45.00
Apple Airport Express Wi-Fi Router     £15.00 £45.00
20" HP LCD Monitor - VGA & DVI Input
16:9 Ratio - 1600 x 900   £25.00 £75.00
ROBE RoboSpot System
complete with 75m Control Loom     £450.00


 Dimmers Information Photo Daily Weekly
1 Way 10amp Anytronics Dimmer 16a inlet - 1 x 16A Socket Outlet     £12.00
3 Way 6.3amp Zero 88 Alphapack 2 DMX
13a inlet - 3 x 16A Socket Outlet magGlassAlphapack   £10.00
6 Way 10amp Zero 88 Betapack 3 DMX 63a 1p inlet - 6 x Twin  Socket Outlet magGlassBetapack-3   £20.00
24 Way Avolites PowerCube

12 Dim and 12 Hot Power Outlets or

18 Dim and 6 Hot Power Outlets

63a 3p inlet with 8x Soca Outlets

1 in 2 out way isolated DMX splitter 

magGlass   £100.00
48 Way Avolites Art 2000 T4 Dimmer Rack*

48 Dim Outlets with 3 x Soca Inlets

Fully Patchable

Powerlock in & thru with 16x Soca Outlets & 4x Soca Inlets
Aux Power Outlets and Isolating DMX Splitter

magGlass   £300.00
*Hot Power Modules also avaliable        


Dimmer & FOH Tents

Information Photo Daily Weekly
1m x 1m Black Pop Up Tent
Ideal for Power Distro - 1.6m high     £50.00
4.5m x 3m Black Pop Up Tent  Ideal as FOH Position or Dimmer Tent     £90.00
3m x 3m Black Pop Up Tent  Ideal as Dimmer Tent     £80.00
Stanley 2000w Heater 13a plug     £10.00