Rolling RisersRolling Risers are an ideal way to deal with quick band changeovers. Constructed from LiteDeck modular staging decks, mounted on wheels, they can be built in a variety of different sizes depending on your requirements. Depending on the size and application, a Rolling Riser is typically supplied with a combination of braked and unbraked wheels. IPS Rolling Risers have a maximum weight loading of 250kg per platform - although higher capacity options are available. Rolling Risers can be supplied with a black casement valance to cover the sides, this is priced per metre. Other finishes can also be supplied - please contact us for further information.

Some popular sizes include:

Drum Riser - 8’x’8 (2440mm x 2440mm) @1’high (305mm)

Keys Riser – 8’x4’ (2440mm x 1220mm) @ 1’high (305mm)

Small Backline Riser / Dolly (ideal for a single amp stack) – 4’x2’ (1830mm x 610mm) @1' high (305mm)

Medium Backline Riser / Dolly (ideal for 2 amp stacks) – 6’x2’ (1830mm x 610mm) @1' high (305mm)

DJ Decks Riser - 8’x2’ (2440mm x 610mm) @3’ high (915mm)