Seating PlatformSeating platforms can be used for a host of applications - either to ensure that your audience can see every element of the performance, or to keep everyone engaged during your presentation. Alternatively the performers can be raised to make sure that an orchestra or choir can be clearly seen. Raised platforms are also an ideal way to differentiate a premium table option at a gala dinner event. Seating platforms can be supplied as single or multiple level structures, and typically require handrail round all exposed edges. Tiered seating platforms are popular with choirs, and can also be supplied with shallower tiers if the performers are standing up.

The lowest height platform we can supply is 7” (178mm) as this is the height of the LiteDeck modules resting on their frames. This only works on a completely level floor, and as in practice this is not always the case it is usually best to start a 9” (229mm) or 1’ (315mm) high and have a small step. Although we can build structures up to any height, access should be considered when planning a platform size as steps can take up a considerable amount of space. Up to a height of 3’ (915mm) minimal bracing is required for our LiteDeck structures; Platforms over this height require more comprehensive bracing which adds to the complexity of the structure, and the cost.

Seating platforms don’t just have to be rectangular - IPS has a range of triangular and curved LiteDeck modules so a variety of shapes and sizes can be constructed, largely from stock components. IPS can also custom build sections to order, so if you have a particular layout in mind, get in touch for more details.

Platforms can be supplied either bare, or with a range of finishes. For a formal event, it would be recommended to cover the platform with carpet, and either casement for the sides or felt covered hard wooden fascias for a neater finish. Other options, such as aluminium or LED illuminated edge trims, vinyl platform coverings, or PVC covered fascia are available. Costs will vary depending on the size and complexity of the structure - please get in touch for more details.

IPS also have interlocking chairs available to hire, which can be supplied with seating platforms if required.

Some popular sizes include:

Basic Seating Platform – 24’x16’ (58560mm x 4880mm) @18” high (457mm) - supplied with handrails and four sets of access steps (no platform covering or trim supplied). This would be a suitable size to seat 40 people on chairs in four rows, or to raised two 6’ round tables of 10 people. Please contact us for a quotation for your event.

Tiered Seating Platform – 24’x16’ (58560mm x 4880mm) platform with three tiers. Tier 1 would be 3’ (915mm) deep @ 1’ (305mm) high. Tier 2 would be (915mm) deep @ 2’ (610mm) high & Tier 3 would be 4’ (1220mm) deep 3’ (915mm) high. The platform would be supplied with steps to form a central aisle, and handrail to the edges and rear. Please contact us for a quotation for your event.