Litestructures BandstandThe Litestructures Bandstand is a 6.7m x 6.7m hexagonal structure, designed like a traditional bandstand. A popular stage for a large number of events, the bandstand can be used either in the round, or in a more conventional formation. The structure can be supplied with either a red and yellow canopy or a blue and green canopy, and has proved a great hit at summer festivals. The structure can also be used inside if required, and can be located on a wide range of different ground sufaces. The structure requires either the use of screw in ground anchors, or surface ballast, usually supplied in the form of water tanks. Check out the PDF for more detailed specifications.

Jubilee-Gardens-BandstandTypical per event costs for this structure are £2730.00 (Plus VAT) including delivery, installation, onsite handover, then collection following the event. All IPS structures have full H&S documentation and structural calculations. Please contact us for more information, or to discuss your event.



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