IPS Truss PA TowersTo provide controlled audio dispersion over an outdoor area, elevating PA systems is usually an essential starting point, especially with Line Array Systems. We can supply a range of different PA Tower structures designed specifically to hang speakers cabinets outside. Depending on the trim height required, and the design requirements, IPS have truss based towers and more enclosed Layher based towers ready to deploy in a range of standard sizes. Standard configurations are as follows:      

        - 7.5m Prolyte RT-H30V Truss PA Towers

        - 10.5m Eurotruss HD44 Truss PA Sound Towers (NEW)Eurotruss HD44 PA Tower

        - 10m , 11m & 13m Prolyte RT-S52SV Truss PA Towers

        - 8m, 10m & 12m Layher PA Towers

The truss based towers offer quick deployment times and a discrete appearance, while the Layher options offer more weather protection and branding opportunities, plus two point pick up options if required. IPS can deliver and install PA towers for your event, and they can be supplied with or without PA systems, IPS Layher PA Towersand can offer even better value when combined with our range of Outdoor Roof Structures.

If you have a project coming up that requires any kind of PA Tower structure, please get in touch to discuss your site and event requirements