IPS Rigging Towers 02Rigging lighting, LED Screens and Event Branding in a range of locations is important for a wide range of events, and can really help make the best of the venue space and equipment available. IPS offer a range of different truss based rigging towers from constructed from Prolyte and Eurotruss components. Standard height configurations are as follows:

        - Prolyte MPT Rigging Towers - up to 7.5m high

        - Prolyte ST Rigging Towers - up to 12m high

        - Eurotruss TD50 Rigging Towers - up to 15m high

IPS Rigging Towers 01The truss based towers can be installed comparatively quickly, and IPS can deliver and install rigging towers for your event, and they can be supplied with or without additional technical equipment. Freestanding and Layher base adaptor options are available for most configurations so towers can be installed individually or incorporated into a larger platform or substructure. 

The Eurotruss TD50 Tower is the latest addition to the range of towers from IPS. Suitable for a range of rigging applications, perfect as a straight mast PA tower, especially with the clever front cut our to allow tour carts of PA to be wheeled directly into position underneath the motor for easy load in and out. IPS_Eurotruss_TD50_Rigging_Tower.jpgSmart Black finish to blend in with PA hangs and provide unobtrusive to sight lines, even at 15m high. Modular design means that multiple height configurations can be constructed, and it can be fitted with either surface ballast via concrete blocks or subject to site conditions may also be used with ground anchors. 

If you have a project coming up that requires any kind of Rigging Tower structure, please get in touch to discuss your site and event requirements