IPS Outdoor Steps Ramps 02The ground is very rarely level on outdoor event sites, and Steps & Ramps are an ideal way to get crew, performers, equipment and event attendees where they need to go. Ideal when combined with our range of Outdoor Roof Structures, Outdoor Roof Structures or Viewing Platforms, we can get you up or down to whatever level needed. Steps and Ramps can be configured as required for their intended use, as in a performance situation design and aesthetics may be the primary consideration, whilst for a public access situation efficient customer flow and safety are more likely to be top of the list.

IPS Outdoor Steps Ramps 01We have extensive experience in all kinds of temporary step and ramp access, and all the various regulations that apply from the UK building regulations, temporary demountable structures (TDS) guidelines and disability discrimination act (DDA) compliant access to Accessible Viewing Platforms (AVPs), combined with a practical experience of how things work onsite.

We can design, supply and install outdoor steps and ramps in conjunction with our range of other onsite services, and have a range of Layher and LiteDeck standard modules ready for use which can be supplied along with customised elements as required. Please get in touch to discuss your step and ramp requirements and pricing.