IPS Branding Signage Structures 01Signage and Branding are important at most outdoor events, and we can provide a range of different structures to enable banners, theming and art installations to be displayed in all kinds of locations.

Truss and Layher based structures can be designed in an almost unlimited range of shapes and sizes, or we have a range of standard sizes which can be quickly deployed. Structures can be branded to one or more sides, and configured for a wide range of purposes from advertising and brand awareness to safety and directional signage, or used as meeting points or distance markers. IPS Branding Signage Structures 02Some popular examples include:

        - Freestanding Banner Frames

        - Stage or Performance Area Backdrops

        - Start and Finish Lines

        - Entrance and Exit Gantries

        - Media Walls

        - Signage Towers 

        - Totem Pole Banners

IPS Branding Signage Structures 03Large format printed graphics are not the only thing that can be displayed - we have also worked with a range of outdoor arts events to display all kinds of artwork, design and sculpture, including interactive elements. See this page for our dedicated range of Outdoor LED Screen Support structures.

Wind is the natural enemy of outdoor signage, and all IPS Banner Frames and Media Walls are designed to allow for wind loadings, and secured with either ground anchors or surface ballast in the form of concrete blocks, water filled tanks or steel weights. 

Signage and Branding Structures can be designed, supplied and installed by our team as a standalone project, or as part of a full Staging and Structures package. Please get in touch to discuss your event requirements and prices.